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About Ups and Downs Coaching

Ups and Downs Coaching helps kids, families, and professionals through the ups and downs of life.

The Social & Emotional Intelligence process teaches how to recognize emotions in themselves and others; identify & modify their reactions and behaviors to improve interpersonal relationships.

This coaching builds more self-awareness, self-control, leadership, intentional goals, and creativity to achieve personal power to happier well being.

Go from surviving to thriving

Gain tools of Emotional Intelligence to manage behavior and improve relationships.

About Julie Downs

Hi, I’m Julie Downs. I specialize in Social & Emotional Intelligence. What is that?

I help kids express their emotions, recognize their feelings, understand why, and provide them tools to manage how they react. Where there are kids, there’s family.

As a life coach, my specialty is guiding you as a unit to better understand one another. As a mother of 3, grandmother of 4, and office administrator, I’ve been interacting with diverse age groups for 25+ years.  My faith is at my core to help others.

Naturally empathetic & compassionate, my goal is to help adults and kids manage emotions so the whole family achieves harmony to simply enjoy life.

About Julie Downs
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You know what IQ is but what's emotional intelligence also called EI. It's the ability to recognize your emotions and others in the moment so that you can better manage your behavior and your relationships. Ups and Downs coaching provides you those skills so you can go from surviving to thriving.

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